At Next Level Nola, we challenge the conventional models of college and career programming after high school in order to create pathways that work for you.  Next Level NOLA is here to equip you with the skills, mindsets, resources, networks and experiences to achieve your chosen college, career and life goals at no cost! We partner with trusted, accredited non profit universities for the degree component and layer on success coaching, deeply personalized supports, and a warm and diverse learning community.  Welcome to the cutting edge of post-secondary learning!

Academic policies + credits

  • Credits are competency-based, meaning that as you master credits you can move ahead. Your coach will keep you on the pace that will earn you 24 credits, but you can always push ahead and earn more.
  • You also belong to a cohort of fellows, a smaller team that is responsible to one another. That means that you have peers to turn to when you need support, and in turn you are a leader when your team needs you. We urgently develop ourselves, and lean on others to do so, and we urgently develop others, and they lean on us in turn.




Every day is crucial to our success, so we show up every day prepared to achieve our goals. Unlike in high school, you won’t come to a school building every day and follow a bell schedule. Instead, you’ll plan study time with your coach and your cohort on a schedule that works for you. Maybe you come in on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Maybe one day a week you have work 9-5, so you check in with your coach virtually in the evening before you start your coursework. Maybe you have an internship every morning, so you only come in after 3p. You’ll work with your coach to make sure that you’re staying on track and succeeding in your program requirements. The rest is up to you. 














  • Use your NLN Calendar to plan your class, work, and internship schedule.
  • Keep up-to-date on your progress by checking your dashboard every day.
  • Honor your commitments - attend every coaching session and team meeting that you schedule. Click here to schedule a meeting with your coach.
  • Have a plan - know what you’ll do if you miss a study session or if your work schedule changes.
  • Communicate with your team - if you need support, lean on your coach and your cohort peers to help you get what you need to succeed.








Each one of us has a story, and that story gives us strength. Every person’s background is unique and valuable; we uplift each other. We also support each other through challenges, and Next Level Nola offers many formal supports in addition to the support we offer as a community.




We seek to connect with others and deepen our understanding. We do this both as a learning community at Next Level Nola and in our larger community of personal and professional relationships. 

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We demonstrate kindness always. When we have a conflict, we talk it out. When we’re struggling to meet our commitments, we communicate with our team and ask for help. We hold one another to high standards because we care about one another’s success. As a fellow at Next Level Nola, you’re more than a student. You’re a leader. That means that you lift up your teammates. It also means that, unlike high school, there aren’t demerits and detentions when you don’t meet expectations. We work together to solve problems. We make each other better.