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Our values are who we are. More than just words on the wall, these values inform every decision we make.

Growth:  We constantly and urgently develop ourselves.  We thoughtfully reflect on feedback and results in order to drive our next steps.

Optimism:  We see opportunities all around us. We believe in our capacity to take action that will improve outcomes for ourselves and others.

Purpose: We practice forethought to ensure we anticipate all that will be necessary to show up with excellence each day. We create and implement plans that accurately prioritize our actions.

Identity: We respect and celebrate the strengths of our own and other's backgrounds. We communicate openly and honestly; taking action together to address inequities. We are conscious of how our identity intersects with others and thoughtfully navigate between spaces to accomplish our goals. Community: We seek to connect and have a greater understanding of others.  We strengthen and maintain a network of positive relationships that support our aspirations through gratitude, collaboration, listening, and application of social awareness skills.  

Grace: We demonstrate kindness and respect in our actions.  We begin by honoring ourselves, knowing that our internal monologue and personal habits show up in our work and relationships.

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