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Next Level NOLA Requires Commitment

While Next Level NOLA offers programming at no financial cost, the program requires a commitment of time and energy from fellowship participants.   As a fellow you will have required program component hours to complete weekly in order to remain in good standing.  We strive to make our comprehensive programming accessible to fellows who have life and work commitments and we want to be upfront about the work required as a fellow.  Fellows must be intentional in planning and utilizing organizational skills and resources.  Below you'll find three sample schedules to give you an idea of how an NLN fellow may spend his or her time in a given week.  

** Please note that anywhere that it says "work" on the schedule that it is completely optional.  The time that is scheduled as "work" is not required by Next Level Nola.  The schedules are a model for student who choose to work as they complete their fellowship.  



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