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Next Level NOLA equips fellows with the skills, mindsets, resources, networks and experiences needed to achieve their chosen college, career and life goals.

A one year college and career bridge year fellowship for graduating seniors who have completed all requirements for a high school diploma.  Fellowship participants:

  • Receive personalized success coaching

  • Earn college credit and industry based credentials

  • Gain skills, resources and professional experience

  • Develop self-efficacy and networks 

  • Develop a strong five year plan with short and long term goals that they are positioned to achieve


Designing programming that looks beyond the conventional and authentically positions young adults to advance in promising careers and higher education pathways is the most exciting opportunity I’ve had in all my years in education. Next Level NOLA is a fellowship that will position our participants for immediate and long-term success. Beyond academics and technical training, we’re about 21st century skills and network building that will last a lifetime. I ask myself each day, “What experiences would you design for your own daughter at this point in her life?” and then I set out to make that happen.

-Rhonda Dale, NLN Executive Director